25-Days-of-Christmas Love Hunt
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I have done EVERY custom romance plan on this site until present, except one.  I am planning to use it THIS year.  I don't know how you keep coming up with these, but please, please, please don't stop!  My husband gets so excited every year.  He starts asking me around Thanksgiving what I'm going to do special THIS year!  
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25-Days-of-Christmas Love Hunt
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25-Days-of-Christmas Love Hunt
When Husband or Wife Desire to Romance Their Mate the Entire Christmas Season... 

Best if started on the FIRST day of December! After all, the plan is to romance your spouse the entire Christmas season, right?!

Included in this Christmas romance plan:

* One (1) glossy invitation (pictured above)
* One (1) Honey Pot lidded glass jar (pictured above)
* One (1) ribboned '25-Days-of-Christmas Love Hunt' label for jar (pictured above)
* Twenty (20) red-n-green framed heart chips (just a few pictured above)
Five (5) "D" red-n-green framed heart chips (not pictured above)
Five (5) Blank red-n-green heart chips for your own ideas (use is optional)
* Three (3) 'Range' labels (pictured above)
* One (1) Bearer Coupon (pictured above)
* Three (3) Redemption Coupons (pictured above)
* Downloadable '25-Days-of-Christmas Love Hunt' ebook with step-by-step instructions
* Multiple options throughout romance plan!


Above keepsake invitation reads:

Dear _________ (your spouse's name),
You are invited to a...

Love Hunt

My hope is that this will be both romantic &
fun for you, and that you will remember it
for years to come!

Just ask me for the rules...Yes, there
are rules! But, they are fun ones, &
you'll be rewarded for following them!

Love always,
________(your name)

Now that you know what the invitation says, what's included, and that there are limited quantities...

You want to know HOW you do this plan?


1. Print out the ebook (emailed in pdf format) that comes with this plan.
(All other parts of this plan are shipped.)
2. Put aside some special time for preparation.
3. Make your 'options' decisions.
4. By following the instructions, do things that will both surprise and delight you.
5. Place the invitation and labeled jar for your 'Sweetie' to find.
6. Tell your 'Sweetie' the rules.
7. Watch in amazement while he or she uncovers the riches of the 'rewards'!

Totally confused now? Just know...

We can't really reveal the specifics. We want YOU to be as surprised and delighted as your husband or wife will be when this whole plan is revealed to him/her.

What we CAN reveal...

We KNOW you're going to love this Christmas romance plan! We think it truly is our 'best ever!'

Additional Option:

If you're already getting the jar, why don't you add a glossy romantic-looking 'Romance in a Jar, 20__' label with ribbon for attaching, and unlimited decorated (no message, you add your own ideas) 'romance fantasy' slips to take the romance into next year?

(Just add them from the 'Order Information' block below.)

We'll even personalize the jar label with the following:

'Romance in a Jar, 20__'
_______ & _______ (your names)

Shipping Method:

Priority (2-3 business days) Tracking included. 

When purchasing this item, please thoroughly fill out the ORDER INFORMATION block below.

Same-day shipping if ordered before 3pm, Eastern Time.
Ships USPS Priority or Express.
Discreetly packaged for your privacy.

Features Benefits
25-Day Long Romance Plan
Romance is Fully Downloadable
Plenty of Options for Way to Present and Rules
Husband or Wife can Present This Plan
Glossy Personalized Invitaiton for Mate to Play
Has Additional Year (Present Year) Plan Available
25 Days of Joyous Christmas Romance for Married Couples!
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